This is a great program I have ever seen...very useful with friendly, patient, knowledge teacher… Because I think it’s a hard way to teach a person who has never spoken anything in English...And they get it well and in short time and I hope people join it. For example me, I learned a lot in this program from basics and it’s easy to know and speak to Canadians. Like I have improved and it is great to have a teacher like you. So it’s a pleasure to be one of your students and sometimes someone knows better than others so the teacher try to help everyone. I mean it’s really hard to make a lesson for everyone’s level, but you do it. Especially from very little child to adults to seniors.
— Walid
The collaboration we have developed with Focus for Ethnic Women has been extremely rewarding and productive. We have been able to initiate research to better understand the physical activity experiences of new Canadian women, and this was only possible by the individuals at Focus who were advocating on their behalf. It has been a wonderful experience working with this organization.
— Mark Eys, Ph.D
This program helped me. How I speak English and helps newcomers learning English first time and to see that Canada is a good place. I liked this program. I go and it is fun and helping me learn I know people and people know me to help each other and my teacher.
— Mustafa
I look forward to class every week. First of all and most importantly, that I can come to a place and feel safe sharing and meeting other people. Sylvie and Ibti Sam made me feel so comfortable and welcome right away. Even if I am down, my mood gets better because of class. Secondly, I really enjoy learning English with the other women. When we went to the Market together, it was one of my best days ever in Canada!
— Khiri