Focus on Technology (FoTech)

Open Position: 3-4 Female Volunteers 

Report To: The course facilitator 

Location: Chandler Mowat Community Centre

Time: Wednesdays 9:45am-12pm starting October 2nd, 2019

Start date: October 2nd, 2019 

Application Deadline: August 30, 2019 4pm EST

Organization Overview:

Focus for Ethnic Women (FEW) originated in 1987. Currently, the organization is in the process of rebuilding from its prior conception in a physical plant where employment readiness, job searching, and job training in the sewing industry were pursued. FEW has become a nimbler organization that can adjust to the changing needs of newcomer and visible minority women populations across time. Keeping with our vision of “empowering women for tomorrow,” we support women in the Waterloo Region by providing a nurturing, culturally sensitive environment that builds self-esteem, social networks, and employment related skills. We assist newcomers and visible minorities with integration into our community. We recognize the barriers that this vulnerable segment of our society faces so our emphasis is on providing support at the grass-root level to lower anxiety levels and open doors to our community. We promote respect for all cultures and practice a very inclusive approach in all our activities. We believe that familiarizing women with the basics of Canadian culture leads to social inclusion and promotes gender equality. 

Program Overview: 

Our project is multi-phased and continuously focused on fundamental technological skills for recent immigrant and refugee women in the Waterloo Region. Our primary goal is to teach digital fundamentals to women in order to improve their future employability. Through our workshops we will provide skills, including: basic computer literacy; use of digital tools to search for jobs, specific topics of interest, and to gain familiarity with bus routes; self-learning opportunities; instruction in Google Translate to accommodate learning in various languages; and training in the use of Microsoft Suites. Internet access will be provided during workshops to give participants a hands-on learning experience with ample assistance to facilitate learning the digital systems, tools, and applications to assist their integration into standard digital use in Canada. 

Position Overview: 

You will assist the course facilitator each Wednesday from 9:45am-12pm starting October 2nd for 12 weeks at the Chandler Mowat Community Centre. You will be expected to arrive at 9:45 to be prepared for the class to start at 10am sharp. During the session you will be responsible for assisting approximately 4 students and will be expected to rotate between these students for any concerns or questions that come up. This class will have varied levels of English and digital literacy, which may reduce the speed and require additional steps through the process, you will need to be comfortable assisting in this setting.  At this time, we are only looking for female volunteers to ensure all participants are comfortable. If you are only able to volunteer for some of the weeks, we can place you in a volunteer pool that we will draw from as needed.


  • Standard level of computer literacy (computer details, searching online, and using Microsoft Office Suite) 

  • Excellent cross-cultural communication skills

  • Comfortable working with a small group

  • Any additional languages beyond English would be an asset 

  • Punctual and reliable 

Time Commitment

  • Wednesdays 9:45am-12pm for 12 weeks starting October 2nd, 2019

  • Please note in your application which specific weeks you are available for

  • Possibility of being added to a pool of volunteers to be drawn from as needed, please note your preference in your application.

Training and Support 

  • General volunteer orientation 

  • One-hour training session

  • Feedback and support will be provided on an ongoing basis


  • Possibility of job reference

  • Possibility of future facilitator employment in this program 

  • Making a difference in the community while gaining new friends

  • Invitation to volunteer appreciation events and exhibit openings

Application Process

Apply on-line at

Start date: October 2nd, 2019  

Application Deadline: August 30, 2019 4pm EST

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