Our Mission

Vision, Mission, Values and Principles of FEW

Women especially visible minority and immigrant women face multiple barriers as they strive to succeed in Canadian society.  These barriers include gender, language, religion, customs, heritage, dress, skin colour, political realities, discrimination and systemic racism, unfamiliarity with the new culture and lack of Canadian work experience.



Empowering women for tomorrow



We will be the best in class, go-to agency for leading edge programs and services to support all  women and their families to achieve their full potential and economic prosperity.


Our Strategy Supporting Mission:

To support women in the Waterloo Region by providing a nurturing, culturally sensitive environment that builds self-esteem, social networks, employment related skills and connections to meaningful employment.



  • We believe in the inherent worth of every woman, regardless of race, colour, sexual orientation or ability.
  • We value the culture, religion and heritage of every woman.
  • We value every woman’s aspirations for herself, her family and her community.
  • We strive to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where women are accepted, respected and encouraged.
  • We strive to provide opportunities for personal growth and socio-economic advancement through life-long learning.
  • We strive to facilitate the integration of immigrant women into Canadian society.
  • We strive to promote skill development, educational pursuits and gainful employment.
  • We are is committed to serving all women including those with disabilities
  • We strive to promote access to educational, employment, social and recreational services for women and their families.
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