Investing In Women’s Futures

Helping immigrant & visible minority women towards economic self-sufficiency

Investing in Women’s Futures (IWF), which is funded by the Ontario Women’s Directorate, helps immigrant and visible minority women towards economic self-sufficiency through marketable skills training, employment readiness and  life skills coaching as well as providing customer service training and self-employment coaching. IWF Flyer - 2015

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IWF includes three main components:

• Industrial sewing machine operations
• Employment preparation skills
• Life skills coaching
• Customer service training
• Self-employment/start up

• Career exploration
• Resume & Cover Letters writing
• Interview preparation
• Job search techniques
• Networking
• Self-employment coaching
• Job search strategies
• Labour market information

• Computer fundamentals
• Word processing
• Set up e-mail accounts
• Create, save & modify documents

Program start dates


Weekday Mornings: 9:30 am – 12:00pm  – 12 weeks program

Start Date End Date Difficulty 
September.28.2015 December. 18, 2015  Beginner
January.04.2016 March.25.2016 Advanced
April.04.2016 June.24.2016 Beginner
June.27.2016 September.16.2016 Advanced
September.26.2016 December.16.2016 Beginner
January.02.2017 March.24.2017 Advanced
April.03.2017 June.23.2017  Beginner
June.26.2017 September.15.2017 Advanced
September.25.2017 December.15.2017 Begineer


Saturday morning only: 9:00 am – 12:00pm  – 12 weeks program

Start Date End Date Difficulty
October.03.2015 December. 19, 2015 Advanced
January.09.2016 March.26.2016 Beginner
April.09.2016 June.25.2016 Advanced
July.02.2016 September.17.2016 Beginner
October.01.2016 December.17.2016 Advanced
January.07.2017 March.25.2017 Beginner
April.08.2017 June.24.2017 Advanced
July.08.2017 September.23.2017 Beginner
September.30.2017 December.16.2017 Advanced

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For more information and to register, please contact:
Jane Sparks, Manager
Investing In Women’s Futures
519-746-3411 ext. 227


Investing In Women’s Futures is funded by the Ontario Women’s Directorate

“Like so many immigrants, I started my life in Canada with great difficulty. There are a number of challenges that I faced, first of all the language barrier, the cultural difference, being new to the country, the cold weather and finally the family size (I have a family of six). Focus for Ethnic Women came as a healing. I have learned new skills. I made new friends. On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to thank the people who stood behind this program.”
Intisar Ali – June 2010

“I recognize the importance of the work that Focus has been doing for many years, helping women, and providing them with employment counselling, skills training and professional guidance in order to help women find jobs in an unknown, new and foreign world. Thank you for your help. Best wishes for Focus.”
Maria Dora Mendez – June 2007

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