Our 2013 Focus on Friends Award recipients: Lauris Dacosta and Eunice Valensuela

At Focus we strive to help immigrant and visible women excel in their new environment by supporting them in their education, volunteer efforts and community involvement. One of the ways that we have continued to help women excel in their community is by awarding their efforts both in their educational pursuits and their community involvement.

Immigrant women experience multiple barriers to education, which prevent them from achieving their hopes and dreams for a better education and a higher quality of life. Our award that recognizes women’s achievement in their education is our Ari Ariaratnam Education award that is based on the principles of equity, situation in life, and clearly established goals for their education. Award recipients are then able to use the award to assist with the financial costs that come with gaining higher education and training.

The second award that Focus for Ethnic Women gives out on a yearly basis is our Focus on Friends Award which we present at our Focus on Friends fundraising event during International Women’s week in March. We present the Focus on Friends Award to two immigrant women who have distinguished themselves in any profession, and who have demonstrated leadership and dedication to volunteering in the community.

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